Highway 47
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539

Cemetery Board Members: Sharon Lintereur, Kevin Krueger, Linda Delius, Town Liaison-Supervisor Matt Michalsen

Fees:  Lots are $250 for Lake Tomahawk residents

$300 for Non-residents

Deed transfer $20

Summer Burials $700

Winter Burials $800

Summer Cremation internment $300

Winter Cremation internment $400

Extra $50 charge for burials and cremation internment on holidays and weekends

Setting of Military grave markers $175

Winter is defined as when there is frost in the ground or snow needs to be removed

Summer conditions are; no snow and the ground is thawed

For Information on the cemetery or purchase of cemetery lots contact:
Sexton – Jeffery A. Bowen (715) 277-2306 or 277-2951