Fire Department

Lake Tomahawk Fire Department


The Lake Tomahawk Volunteer Fire Dept is in need of new members.
Interested parties can contact Chief Billy Kuckkahn at 277-2332

P.O. Box 22
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539

Phone: (715) 277-2332
Emergencies: 911
Email: [email protected]

Firefighter Roster 2021



Ahrensdorf, Todd Firefighter
Brey, Dustin
Kuckkahn, Bill Chief
Choinski, Edmund Firefighter
Coffen, Edmund Firefighter
Copeland, Aaron
Kollath, Keith Captain/Engineer
Konopacky, Daniel Firefighter
Kuckkahn, William Firefighter
Larsen, Jim Firefighter
Larsen, Scott Firefighter
Macintyre, Shawn Assistant Chief 2
Neitzel, Ron Captain/Training
Rehm, Doug Assistant Chief 1
Rehm, Richard Firefighter
Steber, Richard Firefighter
Wood, Stevan Secretary
Zattera, Joseph Firefighter
Zienert, Terrance Firefighter