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Annual Meeting-April 16, 2013 – 7:00 PM (24 people were in attendance)
The Annual meeting for the Town of Lake Tomahawk was called to order by Chairman Rick Mazurczak at 7:00 P.M. in the Raymond F. Sloan Community Center.

All notices were posted according to the open meeting law and the media was notified.
Present: Chairman Rick Mazurczak, Supervisors George DeMet and Catherine Parker, Treasurer Mike Lynch, Clerk Elaine Carpenter, and Attorney Greg Harrold.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairman Rick Mazurczak.
Motion by Bev Fagan and sec’d by Gary Madden to approve the agenda of April 16, 2013. Motion carried all ayes.

Motion by Patsy Christy and sec’d by Dick Rehm to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the Annual Meeting held on April 10, 2012. Motion carried all ayes.

The financial statement was given by Treasurer Mike Lynch. He started with the balance sheet for the year ending 2012. The town debt was at 127,240 dollars for the Church property. This is a decrease of 83,891 dollars in comparison. The town debt capacity 10.7 million based upon the current assessed property values of 214 million 416 thousand 300 dollars. The fund balances at year end were 577,105 dollars which exceeds and is in line with 3 months expenses for the town. This amount is an increase of $152,549 over last year at this time. In 2012 the town collected $2,103,474 in taxes of which the town’s share was $743,004 after paying out all the disbursements to the school districts and governments. All of the incomes were in line with the budget, except the following: Acct 435; Forest Crop Mgmt. property was sold; Acct 465 Recycling grant was cut drastically due to budget cuts. Acct 936 Gov’t Grant for new radios for the fire department. Acct 940 There was no sales of cemetery lots in 2012. Under expenses, most all came in under budget. General Gov’t was $73,814 under budget. Most of that is due to the new Town Garage building being paid for in the previous year, Acct 1100. The Fire Dept. was $10,425 over budget due to Acct 1481 Equipment additions - $9,688 was covered by grant for radios. Mike stated that the Road Department came in under budget. The total after allocations was $130,048 under budget. The Town was able to allocate $20,000 for future use into the separate fund balances.

Chairman/Supervisor report-Rick Mazurczak extended his thanks and gratitude to all the officers of the different committees and commissions for their time and effort that they give to the Town and also to the Volunteer Fire Department for the valuable services they provide to the community. In January we replaced 2 boilers at $19,260. We replaced 2 catch basins on Bradley Street for $5,750. The town joined the Minocqua area Chamber of Commerce room tax commission. We paved o.6 miles of Iris Street and .24 miles of Finch Rd for $55,262. In July we crack sealed Cardinal Ln and West and South Bluebird Rd for $35,510. In October we paid off the loan for the fire truck for $44,161 and the Board negotiated a new 1 year contract with Operators Engineers Local 139 that resulted in 25 cents an hour increase in pay. We approved the Matz subdivision that included a new Town road and that is still in progress. We adopted an accommodation room tax ordinance and renewed the winter ATV ordinance. We also adopted a new Town employee handbook and renamed various private roads per town ordinance. We demolished the old Town garage at 7945 W Vilas St. at a cost of $6,400. Supervisor DeMet and Chairman Mazurczak physically checked and inventoried all of the addresses and ordered new fire numbers, approximately 1,100 of them. We paid off the loan for the fire truck in October for $44,161. We also changed the Town Ordinance Chapter 162 Building code to include all detached garages and increased the administration fee for that code to $50.00. In December Ripco Credit Union donated the Information Center building to the Town.

Wilderness Rest Cemetery- Catherine Parker Town Supervisor

In 2012 3 new members joined the Cemetery Board: Kevin Krueger, Tom Lee, and Linda Delius. Lindakay Ebel resigned from the Board. Catherine Parker is serving on the Cemetery Board until there are two additional members for the full complement of five. The Cemetery Board met January 24th, April 19th, May 22nd and September 19th, 2012. There was only a quorum at the September meeting. The Chair is Catherine Parker, Vice-Chair Tom Lee and Secretary Linda Delius. The Town’s sexton Jeff Bowen continues to do an excellent job. In July 2012 Linda Kay Ebel turned over all cemetery records to the Town. New signatories for the cemetery safe-deposit box at Mid-Wisconsin Bank in Rhinelander are Catherine Parker, Linda Delius, and Town Clerk-Elaine Carpenter. At the May 4, 2013 meeting the Cemetery Board will organize and file all the cemetery records in the Town office for maximum safety and accessibility.
Fire Department report- Doug Rehm stated that they responded to 23 calls. The majority of which were for car accidents. They purchased 24 new helmets and updated Their CPR and Basic Life Support training. They had a successful 4th of July fireworks display and they received a donation of pet oxygen masks. They also obtained a couple of new members for the department. Doug stated that according to NFDA rules the old fire engine should be replaced with a deadline of 2015. The cost could be anywhere from $350 – 500,000. Chairman Mazurczak stated that the Board would take it under advisement at the budgeting meeting.

Park Commission Report- Pat Wingo stated that they are looking to replace some bleacher sections this year and are looking for some good used playground equipment to place where the old sand volley ball used to be at the boat landing. They are also working on a grant to getting a handicapped accessible pier along with a port-a-pot. They also plan on increasing the size of the Christmas display and of the Christmas tree. This is the third year of the Children’s summer program and they are looking at making some changes. They plan to have the schedule up in May. The skating rink and the sledding hill will be operating next winter. There was a discussion about the Parks ordinance regarding pets and they plan to address overnight mooring at the boat landing. There was discussion of lighting for the flag at Bearskin Park. It will be taken care of by the Parks Commission. It was also noted that there is an opening for another person on the Parks Commission.

Plan Commission Report- There was no members available from the Plan Commission.

Any other business which may come before the Annual Meeting under WI Stats 60.10 and 60.11 – Dick Skroski questioned the status of the biking trails. Supervisor DeMet stated that the town is working on new trails and is in the process of connecting existing trails. They also renewed the easement from the trail that goes south of River Rd.

Motion at 7:30 PM by Gary Madden to adjourn, second by Bev Fagan.

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Carpenter/Clerk

Town of Lake Tomahawk Annual Town Meeting, April 10, 2012
Town of Lake Tomahawk Annual Town Meeting, April 12, 2011

The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Lake Tomahawk was called to order by Chairman Rick
Mazurczak at 7:00 p.m. in the Raymond F. Sloan Community Center.

All notices were posted according to the open meetings law and the media was notified.

Present: Rick Mazurczak, Supervisors George DeMet and Catherine Parker, Treasurer Mike Lynch, Clerk Mary Zimmerman and Attorney Greg Harrold.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rick Mazurczak.

Motion by Linda Houghton-Bowen, sec’d by Doris Vyvyan to approve the agenda. Motion carried all ayes.

Motion by Dick Rehm, sec’d by Pat Christy to dispense with the reading of the minutes of April 13, 2010.
Motion carried all ayes.

Financial State for 2010 – The financial statement was given by Treasurer Mike Lynch. He started with the balance sheet for year ended 2010, with Fund balance of 302,471.55. The Town debt was 233,503.00, which consisted of 145,000.00 for the church property and 88,502.75 for the fire truck. He went through the high points of the income and expenses, and stated that the income was inline the budget. Mike also stated that the Town received other revenue, which consisted of the DNR-Tomahawk Lake Association Grant for 6,771.00 and from the Musky Club, 6,000.00 towards the new gazebo at the boat landing and new tables for the community center. He also stated that most of the expenses came in under budget allocating money for future use.

Chairman/Supervisor Report - Rick Mazurczak reported on CUP’s for a retail store at 7901 Arbutus Street, a retail outlet at 7158 Lily Street, a rental business at 7162 Bradley Street, and a retail and resale store at 7190 Bradley Street. Amended Town Ordinance #167, moving of buildings. In March held a special meeting which started the processes of consolidation of town funds per directive of Wisconsin Department of Revenue concerning Volunteer Fire Department, Parks Commission and the Cemetery Committee and developed new ordinance authorizing Volunteer Fire Department funds and amended cemetery ordinance. Approved questions to be included in survey regarding use of ATV’s on town roads and adopted ATV Ordinance(s) 350-5 to 350-11. Corrected error in subdivision plat on South Bluebird Road. Appointed a new building inspector. In October held a special town meeting in which citizens authorized the Town Board to purchase the Old Church property and trade a portion of land with the Commissioner of Public Lands to correct a boundary issue at Snowshoe Park. Rick also reported on Paving 1.05 miles of Eastern portion of River Road at a cost of $140,410.00. Excavated and paved 1.5 miles of western portion of River Road with a cost of $80,741.00 for excavating and $166,351.00 for paving. Repaired a small section of Bird Lake Road for a cost of$3,300.00. Emergency repair on a small section of Lakewood Road, for excavation and fill at a cost of $4,035.00. and trip funds of 26,438.00 for a total of $449,140.00. He also stated that all of these costs were paid to Private Contractors. During the year there was 3,674 yards of gravel, 110 ton breaker run stone, 38 tons of 1 & ½” washed stone, 2,717 cubic yards of Fill, 11.66 tons of cold patch and 889 cubic yards of salt sand.

Cemetery Report – Linda Kay Houghton-Bowen reported on the construction of the new building for the pump. She also stated that a landscaping company is going to donate shrubs and trees.

Fire Department Report – Doug Rehm said they had responded to 26 calls. Also reported on working on MABAS (mutual aid box alarm system) which will help everyone. Upgraded radios and pagers. Received a grant from the DNR which paid for radio programming software.

Parks Commission - Pat Wingo reported on the upkeep and maintenance of all 4 area parks. This year the parks commission is going to be putting up new rafters and ceiling at the snowshoe pavilion along with new fluorescent lights. He also stated that the Musky Club donated 5,000 for the new shelter at the boat landing. The parks commission will also be working with the Tomahawk Lake Association on boat washing station to prevent the spread of aquatic species into the lake.

Plan Commission – Steve Forrest reported that during 2010 year they reviewed 6 CUP permits and all were approved. Developed a survey on the ATV issues. Send a letter out to surrounding townships requesting input on reinstating overlay districts and out of 21 townships only 5 responded. Investigating the possibility of Lake Tomahawk developing a transfer station but with current budget conditions there is no way the town could afford that, but will continue to look into it. The Plan Commission is also looking into replacing the current Mobile home ordinance.

Any other business - Rich Anderson spoke about the budget constraints the Town is going to have
because of the State budget. The town will have a decrease in shared revenue and also in highway aids. He said the Town currently has 3 full-time employees in the road department and has roughly 60 miles of roads. He said Pelican and Pine Lake have approximately the same miles and operate with 2 full-time employees and they also when needed employ some part-time employees. Rich estimated that eliminating one road crew position would approximately save the Town $70,000.00. Rebecca Morien said that the Town Board should be increased to a 5 person board instead of 3 and this would be a savings to the taxpayers. Reduce the supervisors’ salary from $5,500.00 to $3,000.00 and instead of allocating money for the deputy clerk, have the deputy clerk’s salary come out of the clerk’s annual pay. Rebecca Morien made a motion for the Town Board to make a 5 member board instead of a 3 member board Gary Madden sec’d the motion. Attorney Greg Harrold stated that motion is not a power of a town meeting and suggested not to have an advisory vote due to the fact that not everyone knew that was going to be brought up at this meeting. Harrold did say that there could be a special town meeting to have an advisory referendum to inform the town board of what the citizens wanted, but there would be procedures that would need to be followed. Advisory votes only were taken on the above suggestion. Motion by Morien sec’d by Madden to increase the Town Board from 3 to 5 members. Motion passed 20-7 and 20 electors abstained. Gary Madden asked on how to go about having the Clerk an appointed position instead of an elected position. Attorney Greg Harrold stated that would require the Town Board to enact an ordinance calling for the appointment of a person to enact as the town clerk, then adopt a resolution and then there would have to be a referendum. A motion was made by Rebecca Morien to reduce the Town road crew employees from 3 to 2, sec’d by Shawn Tingley. Motion passed 23-14. Even though both advisory motions passed the Town Board will have the final say on both matters. Gary Madden said the marque at the Information Booth needs to be replaced, and the Board should keep that in mind when doing the budget.

At 8:15 motion by Linda Houghton-Bowen sec’d by Mary Ellen Mazurckak to adjourn. Motion carried all ayes.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Zimmerman, Town Clerk