Town of Lake Tomahawk Parks Commission Meeting Minutes April 13, 2021

TUESDAY April 13, 2021
Members present: Rick Bullock, Rick Mazurczak, Christy Seidel, Lenore Lope, Darlene Newman, and Beverly Fagan
Town Representative present: Stephanie Sowatzka
Parks Commission Employee: not present
Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by board chairman, Rick Bullock.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Motion by Seidel, second by Mazurzcak to approve agenda. No Discussion. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.
Motion by Mazurzcak , second by Lopez to amend October 13, 2020 minutes to read:” Next Parks Commission meeting date: Tuesday April 13, 2021” in place of “Next Parks Commission meeting date: Tuesday October 10, 2020”. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.
Financial Report: Bullock presented. Report did not reflect budget numbers being entered so it appears (574.28).Motion by Mazurzcak, second Seidel. Discussion. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.
Town Supervisor Report: Sowatzka requested Frisbee Golf Course at Rainbow Park be added to next agenda.
Employee Report: Bullock reported in Paugel’s absence that docks are in the water and restrooms are open at the boat landing. Hand sanitizer will be put in bathrooms.
Commercial usage dock fees increase i.e. (pier/dock and launch companies): Motion by Seidel, second by Lopez to set annual commercial launch fee at $200. Discussion. Ordinances need to be updated and enforcement put in place. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.
Boat Launch Webcam replacement & upgrade: Motion by Bullock, Second by Mazurczak to table. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.
Snowshoe Concession: Health Certificate requirements for food sales: Bullock explained that there is now a Safe Server Course requirement for operating concession stands. Cost of the course is $160 and Bullock is taking the course and town will pay for it.
Summer Children’s Events: May events planned: Save the pollinators, Geodes, Sandcasters, Rockets and YoYo’s. Stepanie Rajnicek offered to assist. $1000 budget for events.
Applications for vacant Parks Commission position: Still no applicants.
Correspondence: Daves Musky Club will use concession June 12 and Sept 11.
Citizen Input: None
Unfinished Business:
Snowshoe Baseball left field light & pole replacement is scheduled for April 14, 2021.
Next Parks Commission meeting date: Tuesday May 11, 2021
Adjourn: 7:53 PM

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