Highway 47
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539

Cemetery Board Members: Sharon Lintereur, Kevin Krueger, Linda Delius, Town Liaison-Supervisor Matt Michalsen

Fees:  Lots are $250 for Lake Tomahawk residents

$300 for Non-residents

Deed transfer $20

Summer Burials $700

Winter Burials $800

Summer Cremation internment $300

Winter Cremation internment $400

Extra $50 charge for burials and cremation internment on holidays and weekends

Setting of Military grave markers $175

Winter is defined as when there is frost in the ground or snow needs to be removed

Summer conditions are; no snow and the ground is thawed

For Information on the cemetery or purchase of cemetery lots contact:
Sexton – Jeffery A. Bowen (715) 277-2306 or 277-2951

  • Date Town Board passed motion to create website- 2-8-2006
  • Date Website Committee was appointed- 4-11-2006
  • Date website was activated- 9-1-2006

Committee Member and Contact Information

  • Stephanie Sowatzka- Liaison
    E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 715-277-4159
  • Gary Sowatzka- Chairman
    E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 715-277-4591
  • Rick Bullock - Member/Web Master
    E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 715-614-1617

Rick Bullock - Chairman
Christy Seidel - Vice Chairman

Rose Bean - Secretary

Darlene Newman - Member
Bev Fagan - Member
Lenore Lopez - Member
Rick Mazurczak - Member
Stephanie Sowatzka - Town Board Supervisor/Laison

The Lake Tomahawk Parks Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month (April through December) at 7:00 pm at the Ray Sloan Community Center – the public is welcome. The Parks Commission is in charge of the development and care of the four town parks; Rainbow Park, Bear Foot Park, Snowshoe Park, and the Boat Landing Park.

Snowshoe Park features playground equipment, bathrooms with running water, and a covered pavilion that has complete cooking facilities. Picnic tables, the Snowshoe baseball diamond with lighting, bleachers, and announcer’s booth complete the park. This park is available to rent for parties or gatherings.  It is located next to the Fire Department off Hwy 47. It is also the location for most of the Summer Children’s Programs.

Bear Foot Park is located on Hwy 47 on the south side of town. This park features picnic tables, grills and plenty of parking.

Rainbow Park is located on County D just west of Hwy 47 south of town. This park features a baseball diamond complete with outhouse style toilets, dugouts, bleachers, and picnic tables. Area men’s softball teams play here on Thursday nights in the summer. It is also a great place to take your dog for a run!

Boat Landing Park is located in town on the eastern shore of Lake Tomahawk. The boat landing features three concrete launch ramps, floating docks and tie up piers and new in 2016, a handicapped accessible fishing pier. There is parking for dozens of boat trailers as well as autos. Outhouse style toilets, a wheelchair accessible porti-potty, picnic tables, a volleyball pit and grills make this a fun area to take a swim, have a cookout, or do a little fishing. In the winter months this is an access area for ice fishermen and snowmobiles. The hill is used for sledding and snowboarding as well.

The Parks Commission is also in charge of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Santa arrives by fire truck and always has goodies for the kids. There are home baked treats and hot cocoa for everyone. The Tree Lighting takes place next to the Information Booth on Hwy 47 in the middle of town. Everyone is welcome to help kick off the Holidays with this fun event.

For more information contact Rick Bullock 715-614-1617.

Open Memorial Day - September 15th
Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 10am - 2pm
Telephone: 725-277-2602

George DeMet - Liason