Town of Lake Tomahawk Parks Commission Meeting Minutes Sept 8, 2020





Members present:       Rick Bullock, Rick Mazurczak, Christy Seidel, Beverly Fagan, Darlene

Newman, and Stephanie Sowatzka – Town Supervisor Liaison.

Absent:           Lenore Lopez, Wayne Paugel (Parks Commission Employee)

Also present:   Gretchen Goy, Michele Breheim, and Sharon Lintereur (Town Clerk)


Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by board chairman, Rick Bullock.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Motion by Seidel, second by Mazurzcak to approve agenda.  No Discussion. Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.


Motion by Seidel, second by Mazurzcak to approve July 14, 2020 meeting minutes. No

Discussion.  Vote: all ayes.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:   Monthly Expenses for August ending 8/20/2020: Wages $2037.17, Social Security $155.84, Equipment Repair $54.38, Supplies $114.15, Lighting/Power $301.40 and Other Special Projects 606.25. Year-to-Date Revenue ending 8/31/2020: Donations  $1410.00 and Launch fees $9151.47. There was discussion regarding the 2021 budget and the addition of a line item for the Beautification Committee.


Town Supervisor Report: Sowatzka had nothing to report.


Employee Report:  Paugel was not present to report.


New Ordinance for No Wake Zone Boat Launch Shore area: Bullock prepared Slow No Wake ordinance to be submitted for Town of lake Tomahawk approval. It will be requested that Town of Lake Tomahawk adopt ordinance.  Lake Tomahawk Home Owners Association will be asked to purchase buoys and pay any fees. Bullock volunteered to assist completing DNR ordinance application.


Dollar amount not to exceed outside of maintenance items for Chairman to approve without

board vote: Motion by Seidel, second by Fagan to make a $2000.00 limit for Chairman to make a purchase without board approval.  No discussion.  Vote: all ayes. Motion passed.


Applications for vacant Parks Commission position:  None have been submitted.


Town Events: Fall Fest, Halloween Party and Christmas Party will all be cancelled.  Christmas

Tree Lighting is pending. Correspondence: None


Citizen Input:  None


Unfinished Business:

Update on Overflow Parking Boat Launch: Motion by Mazurzcak, second by Seidel to lay #2 road base and 2” recycled asphalt on new overflow lot. Discussion followed.  Bullock will discuss with Town crew Supervisor regarding abandonment of existing well.  Vote: All ayes. Motion passed.


Next Parks Commission meeting date:  Tuesday October 13, 2020


Adjourn:  7:51 PM

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