Sowatzka’s Dolls

We are your best source for doll collecting and restoration on the Internet. If you are an avid collector or just someone thinking about starting a doll collection we have all the information you need to answer your questions. Sowatzka's Dolls offer a unique blend of the past and present. Besides having one of the largest selections of antique dolls in the state of Wisconsin, we also teach classes in the art of doll making in which people can create a unique reproduction or make a beautiful modern doll of their choice. Our teachers are certified and have won many doll making awards including masters in the art. We carry a complete line of doll supplies, including eyes, wigs, shoes, stockings and have a large selection of doll patterns. We also take custom orders for antique and modern dolls.
7273 Kelly Dr, Lake Tomahawk, 54539, WI,